We know buying unique pieces online requires trust. We take the integrity of the products we sell very seriously.

Our team of experts thoroughly investigates the authenticity of the item (serial numbers, stitching, symmetry, materials and hardware etc.) to make sure that the item is authentic before we advertise to sell it on our website.

Sellers must confirm for every item that their pre-owned designer items are authentic. All our items are shipped to the buyer with our own ‘Looking Lovely Today’ personilized security tag. This means all the items pass through our own hands.

In the event that our team of experts discovers a fake/replicas during our authenticity check, we are forced to report the “seller” to the police. In addition, we will put the “seller” on our black list. The “seller” will be excluded from buying or selling through ‘Looking Lovely Today’. Promotion of replicas of designer goods is illegal.

We guarantee the authenticity of every item we sell or 100% of your money back. Ensuring the buyers’ trust is what matters most to us.