About us

‘LOOKING LOVELY TODAY’ buy and sell your pre-loved designer fashion.

About us

We are two fashion lovers from The Netherlands with a background in the high fashion industry (Milan and Amsterdam). We are living in Cyprus, with our roots firmly planted here. We noticed all the beautiful designer pieces around us and it made us wonder about all the gems hidden in your wardrobes.

That’s how it started….

Like you, we have a closet full of beautiful designer pieces that have hardly been worn or never at all. We believe they deserve the attention of another fashion lover, rather than laying idle with no place special to go.

Like you too, we love shopping for designer or vintage products and enjoy finding a great deal. In that case, buying pre-loved pieces from other fashion lovers can be a great opportunity.

Designer fashion is designed to last, so let's make it last!

‘Looking Lovely Today’ offers a unique platform to give your second hand pieces a second life. We take care of the sale of these items, so you don’t have to worry about promotion, delivery, payment collection or anything else!

Everyone is welcome to sell, as long as the items are in great condition and are, of course, authentic. Join us today!

X Dorien & Cunera