Return Policy

We are truly sorry that you are not happy with your purchase!

Please follow the 4 steps below for your refund and to return the item:

  1. Contact us by email: [email protected]

    Send us an email within 2 working days of receiving your order. Please mention in the email your return item, the article number, invoice number and the reason why the item is being returned. You will receive a reply email from us shortly.

  2. Package your return: After we send you the approval email to send your return item back, package the return item securely, preferably using the original shipping box, the original packaging paper and enclosed materials such as authenticity cards, dust bags, shoebox etc. We can only accept returns of items that have all their ‘Looking Lovely Today’ security tags, or in the case of footwear, stickers still attached.

  3. Ship it to us: Please note that you are responsible for the return shipping expenses. Ship your item using ‘ACS Courier’, with sufficient insurance to cover the value of the returned item. Our return address will be included in the approval email sent to you. Do not use the local Cyprus Postal Service.

  4. Receive your refund: Your refund will be processed within 7 working days of receipt of the returned item.

    Note 1: The return process (the 4 steps above) should be completed within 5 working days from the date you receive our confirmation email with the approval to ship the item back. The item is your responsibility until we receive it back.

    Unfortunately, refunds cannot be made if your item hasn’t been received within the 5 days period mentioned above.

    Note 2: Please check your item thoroughly before removing the ‘Looking Lovely Today security tags. When putting your item on for the first time, please do not wear deodorant or perfume as this can stain the item and we cannot accept it for a refund anymore.

    To minimize the hassle of having to deal with returns, please review carefully and note the description, size, flaws and photos on the site.

    Note 3: If you are returning an item because of authenticity concerns, then please contact us: [email protected] prior to sending the item back.