As long as your designer fashion is in great condition and is, of course, authentic you can sell it with us. All different kinds of designer pieces and brands you can consign to ‘Looking Lovely Today’ (excluding jewelry, watches and sunglasses).
The items you consigned to us are safely stored in our ‘Looking Lovely Today” premises.
Your desired price should be based on age, condition and the original price of your item. Depending on the item's condition, we recommend to reduce the original purchase price by 30-70 %. We reserve the right to change the asking price after consulting with you - to either increase it or to reduce it, compared to your desired price
If you would like to reclaim your items within the first 10 months after consignment, you have to pay a €20 administration fee per item. After 10 months you can reclaim your items for free. We reserve the right to send your item back on our own initiative to you after 10 months.
Our sales commission is 35% of the final selling price. This amount we will be deducted from the amount received from the buyer found by us.


Consignment items
We will arrange a free pick-up service of your item(s) executed by our own ‘Looking Lovely Today’ pickup service or an ‘ACS Courier’ throughout Cyprus.

Purchased items
Free delivery for any order in Cyprus! All orders will be executed by an ‘ACS Courier’ throughout Cyprus.

‘Looking Lovely Today’ will ship your purchases within 1-3 business days. You will receive a Track & Trace number so you can track your shipment.
You will receive an ACS Track & Trace number to follow your order.
First check the status of your shipment via the Track & Trace code you received. Please contact our customer service by email if you still have any questions: [email protected]
Yes, you can pay Cash On Delivery.
We are glad to help you in any way we can to make your purchase at ‘Looking Lovely Today’ a great experience. Please contact us to see if we can help you in any other way. [email protected]
Please read our return policy carefully. Click here for the return policy.
We handle all items with great care! All items are wrapped in our own high-quality tissue paper (and the original dust bags and boxes, if present) for protection. All items are labeled with our personalized ‘Looking Lovely Today’ security tag.
We ship all over Cyprus. For information about shipping outside Cyprus, including fees and customs rules, please contact us: [email protected]


Package the return item securely, preferably using the original shipping box, the original packaging paper and enclosed materials such as authenticity cards, dust bags, shoebox etc. We can only accept returns of items that have all their ‘Looking Lovely Today’ security tags, or in the case of footwear, stickers still attached.
To minimize the hassle of having to deal with returns, review carefully and note the description, size, flaws and photos on the site. Please check your item thoroughly before removing the ‘Looking Lovely Today’ security tags. When putting your item on for the first time, please do not wear deodorant or perfume as this can stain the item and we cannot accept it for a refund anymore.
The return process (the 4 steps explained in the Return Policy) should be completed within 5 working days from the date you receive our confirmation email with the approval to ship the item back. The item is your responsibility until we receive it back. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be made if your item hasn’t been received within the 5 days period mentioned above.
The return item is your responsibility until we receive it back. The customer must bear the return delivery costs.
Your refund will be processed within 7 working days of receipt of the returned item.


Our team of experts thoroughly investigates the authenticity of the item (serial numbers, stitching, symmetry, materials and hardware etc.) to make sure that the item is authentic before we advertise it on our website. Sellers must confirm for every item that their pre-owned designer items are authentic.
All our items are shipped to the buyer with our own ‘Looking Lovely Today’ personalized security tag. This means all the items pass through our own hands. We can only accept returns of items that have all their ‘Looking Lovely Today’ security tags, or in the case of footwear, stickers still attached.
In the event that our team of experts discovers a fake/replica during our authenticity check, we are forced to report the “seller” to the police. In addition, we will put the “seller” on our black list. The “seller” will be excluded from buying or selling through ‘Looking Lovely Today’. Promotion of replicas of designer goods is illegal.

Other questions or problems

We are more then happy to help you in person for any further question or problems you may have after browsing through our website. Please contact us and we will get back to you shortly. [email protected]